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Union City Mural

Patronicity-Union City has proposed a mural to feature the McCoys as a significant contributor to the arts in Union City! Patronicity is a program created by the state to promote matching fund projects for citizens of Indiana with a go fund me account. The mural is one of their projects they have approved for Union City! Make any size contribution you can handle. All donations are accepted. If you are shy of using your credit card, a check can be made out to the City of Union City and sent to the city building. Write one today, and drop it off or mail it to the city building at 105 Columbia Street, Union City IN 47390. We can’t accept cash donations, but you can conveniently go online and give! Our match is $2500 and the end date is October 11. Give soon so you don’t miss the deadline and we get our mural to celebrate “Hang on Sloopy”!!/